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We are working hard!

The last three months we have been working very hard to create the backoffice application for PAGEPERSON.COM, the PAGEPERSON Delivery System (PDS). The PDS will need to facilitate hundreds of video production companies (studios) and thousands of videos. So no easy task ..

Where do we stand? Building the application is a task that we have underestimated heavily, and not just us, but also the actual builders/programmers. Since we are doing something that hasn’t been done before, we are not only developing, but also trying to invent something new. That makes the job so much harder.

But not only the development of the backoffice application has appeared to be a tough nut to crack, shooting the videos and keying them correctly has also proven to be very difficult. But we are getting there, and we’ve taken some important steps to think we are just a few weeks away from going live.

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